Monday, September 1, 2008

Auto ShutDown Pro 4.5

Auto ShutDown Pro 4.5

Auto ShutDown Pro 4.5 | 1.07MB

AutoShutdown is a system shutdown manager utility for Windows !

Features and Benefits:
Performs unattended shutdown and other power operations
AutoShutdown can be set to keep your computer secure when you are unable. How many times do you walk away from your computer without logging off or powering off, leaving your computer vulnerable to access? With AutoShutdown, you can have your computer take care of itself.
Provides quick access to common power-related features
One-click access through a menu or defined hot keys for: Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Standby and Hibernate (also Lock Workstation in Windows 2000/XP).

Saves power and reduces energy bills
Let's face it - an unused computer system that is powered off is less expensive than one left running. AutoShutdown can help reduce your energy bills - even more so for larger companies and institutions with a greater number of computers.
Perform a function at a specified date and time.
Any power function can be set for a given date and time or recurring day and time of the week. Set up AutoShutdown to shutdown your PC at 5:30 pm every night. Or you could set AutoShutdown to restart a machine at a specified time each time (ie restart at midnight).
Great for computer labs and businesses!
AutoShutdown can help you perform a nightly shutdown of computers in a shared environment. Rather than having to go to each computer individually, you can configure AutoShutdown to power off each computer at a preset time of day. This saves valuable time for network and computer administrators from having to perform the same manual actions every day - with AutoShutdown it is automatic!
Monitors a system for idle activity
AutoShutdown can track when a system becomes idle and perform an action if no keyboard or mouse activity is detected. Your system can now automatically log you off when you have left. P30World
Two-step idle state checking
Windows 2000 and XP users may set a two-step idle state condition. The first step can lock a workstation if there is no activity present. However, when the workstation is locked, AutoShutdown is still running, and can then perform a secondary step of logging off a user or shutting down the machine.
Full hot key functionality
A separate hot key combination can be set for each action: Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Standby, Hibernate and Lock Workstation. This provides quick access to each of these actions so you do not have to fumble with the Start Menu and click through several windows to get to the command you want.
Many advanced options
Allows administrators to track AutoShutdown activity to a local or system log file, provide password access and control system and process shutdown parameters. Further, if running in Windows 2000 or XP, an administrator may set up AutoShutdown, but all non-administrator users will not be able to access or change configuration settings.
Quick timer
You may set a Quick Timer in AutoShutdown to perform an action at a specified time in the future. You may then leave your computer on to perform tasks and automatically shutdown when complete.
Battery power monitor
AutoShutdown can monitor battery power levels on notebook computers and perform an action (shutdown, standby or hibernate) while there is still power remaining. AutoShutdown can also monitor power to determine when AC line power is lost and perform one of these actions.
Comprehensive help file
A full-featured help file is included with AutoShutdown, explaining all commands and how to configure each setting. This file is available with the evaluation version to provide you with all the information prior to purchase.
Free minor version upgrades for one-year from date of purchase, free major version upgrades within one-year of purchase
Purchasing AutoShutdown entitles you to free minor version upgrades. It also provides free major version upgrades for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The ensures that you get new releases and can update your software when we release updates.

Pro Version features:
All the features in the Standard Version plus:
Service module (Windows 2000 / XP)
Runs in the background as a service in Windows 2000 or XP which provides greater control over your system. The service may continue to run when there is no user logged on to the computer where AutoShutdown is running.
Run processes when an event occurs
The Pro version allows processes to be run when an event occurs. At shutdown you can run a series of commands or programs which will process until complete. After all the set processes occur (or timeout) the system will shutdown.




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