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Project Management Software


About Tenrox
Tenrox, Inc. provides project workforce management software applications. The company’s software provides project management, resource utilization, time and expense tracking, cost and revenue accounting, and project and workforce planning, online project tracking system and web based project planning software Its software is sold through direct sales channels and an international network of partners. The company's software has been applied in the following industries:
architectural healthcare automotive
high technology/electronics banking information technology
not for profit software development communications
insurance manufacturing utility/power industries
engineering pharmaceutical


Launched in 1995, (and currently managed by the original executive team), Tenrox reports consistent growth since inception with an average revenue growth rate of 20%. Venture backed as of 2005, Tenrox is based in Glendale, California with additional operations in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Since 1995, Tenrox has served over 800 organizations in 50 countries including IBM, Blue Cross Blue Shields, Corning Cable Systems, British Columbia Auditor General, Arrow International, Wyeth, First National Bank, Scottish Life and Major Drilling.

Recognized as one of the top 500 software companies in the world since 2001[1] and ranked for the last 3 consecutive years (2004 to 2007) as one of the fastest growing Technology Companies in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 [2]


Features of Tenrox Project Workforce Management Software include:

* Time and Expense Tracking
* Cost and Revenue Accounting
* Project Planning
* Workforce Planning
* Project Process Management
* Analytics
* SAS 70 Type II certification
* Sarbanes Oxley Effective Internal Controls
* Built-in and certified connectors to leading financial, ERP, payroll, project management and CRM applications.

Awards and Recognition

February 2008, Tenrox wins SP Weekly's 2008 Editor's Choice Award

January 2008, Tenrox wins IT Week Magazine's 2008 Editor's Choice Award

October 2007, Tenrox Named One of Los Angeles' Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program

November 2006, Tenrox Canada Wins "ISV Solution of the Year" in Microsoft Partner IMPACT Awards

November 2006, CPA Time and Billing Review 4-1/2 stars

November 2005, CPA Time and Billing Review 4-1/2 stars

July, 2005, Tenrox Wins the 2005 Microsoft® Information Worker Specialization Award

September 2004, Tenrox Ranked as One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Deloitte Technology Fast 50

September 2004, Tenrox Named to Software Magazine's 22nd Annual Software 500

December 2002, Tenrox PSA awarded Product of the Year 2002 by CRN magazine

External links

* Wang, R. "Tenrox 10 Empowers The Project Workforce", Forrester Research, January 22, 2009.,7211,48271,00.html

* "Tenrox follows its own path", Laval Technopole International Business Centre, October, 2008.

* "Tenrox Release 10 Focuses on Maintenance Cost, Ease of Use", Gartner Research, October 16, 2008.

* Weinberg, Paul "Tenrox enters the channel cautiously", eChannelLine, April 29, 2007.

* "Tenrox upgrades governance software", The Globe and Mail, November 23, 2005.

* "Tenrox introduces document-management system", The Globe and Mail, June 20, 2005.

* Melik, R. "The Rise of the Project Workforce: Managing People and Projects in a Flat World", Wiley, August, 2007.

* Talent on Target : The Blog of the Project Workforce

* Tenrox Project Management Software

Notes and references

1."Tenrox Ranked on Deloitte Technology Fast 500 of Fastest Growing Companies". February 9, 2009. Retrieved on 2009-02-09.
2."Tenrox Ranks #40 on Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Program". February 9, 2009. Retrieved on 2009-02-09.
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Portable AutoPlay Menu Builder 5.5.1328

AutoPlay Menu Builder is one of the best tools for creating an automatic playing menu to launch your cd or dvd. No programming experience is necessary! Just click and drag your mouse a few times, and like magic you can build a menu which will pop up when your disc is inserted into the drive. From the menu you can launch applications, open documents, play movies, and do much, much more. This is the simple, elegant solution to your disc creation needs.

- Just thinking, no programming
- Rapid development environment to create autoplay menus quickly
- Powerful WYSIWYG designer, easy to use without learning
- Easy testing without burning on disc
- Protect menus from being modified by others with password
- Create projects from templates, and create own templates
- Support multi-page window, shaped window and full screen window
- Cool splash screen with shaped, fade in, fade out and animated effects
- Internal slide show support with a large set of effects
- Many kinds of actions such as launching application, open document, etc
- Many cool controls
- Embed Flash Player, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player in menus
- Standard or customized tool tip while moving cursor over controls
- Text and graphic comments while moving cursor over controls
- Support MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/MID/RMI/XM/IT/MOD/S3M files for background music
- Create stand-alone executable files
- Customize disc icon and mouse cursors
- Install specified fonts before loading a menu

Changes in Version 6.0 (03-20-2010):
- New HTML Label control which support basic HTML tags
- New Music Player control with Winamp 2 skin support
- Add "Opacity" property to many controls
- Draw shape controls anti-aliased
- Allow to keep aspect ratio while scaling images
- Snap edges of menu form to the edge of screen
- Allow to show or to hide toolbar of PDF Viewer controls
- Send print command to PDF Viewer controls
- Import separated images to Cool Button controls
- Allow to customize internal text strings
- Open dropped project files
- Minor bugs fixed


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Thursday, March 25, 2010


BitSpirit is a powerful and easy-to-use BitTorrent client which provides not only full BitTorrent protocol implementation but also many personalized features, such as: 1. Cache mechanism, 2. High speed, 3. Powerful files management function, 4. Various running-time log, 5. Integrated with IE, 6. Favorite website management, 7. Clipboard guard, 8. Simple and easy to use interface, etc..
It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, UPnP port-maping, NAT traversal (UDP transport), select downloads from multiple files torrent package, disk cache, chatting with other peers, torrent market, ipfilter, etc. In 3.0 or above versions of BitSpirit, it also supports Trackerless torrents, which is fully compatible with Mainline DHT.

Main features:

* Clean interface
* Multiple simultaneous downloads
* Disk cache mechanism
* Fast job resume
* File selecting support
* Powerful file manager
* UPnP portmapping
* Instant Messaging support
* Gzip Data compression
* Flexible speed control
* Scheduled downloading
* Integrated with IE
* Shutdown computer when done
* HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
* High speed
* Very low CPU & Mem usage

What's New in This Release:

* Added: IP2Country in peer list (please refer to: IP to Country)
* Improved: local torrent files switch to relative path
* Fixed: sometimes 'Logger' behaves improperly
* Fixed: the link retrieved from the Clipboard contains a limit of 1000 chars

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : Multilingual

Home Page -


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Windows 7 Ultimate Red Edition 2010

Windows 7 Ultimate Red Edition 2010

Modified version of the Brother Hossam Ansar al-Sunna
Original version and Operating and accept the update from Microsoft
A copy of the type 32 Bit version Ultimate Fast and stable
Original nucleus is coming from the site MSDN Direct andDo not carry errors and gaps
Integrated Iemat with many wonderful and new and beautiful voices

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Hosting Company Flash Template [File-Rack]

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Power Screen Capture (Portable)

Portable Power Screen Capture v7.1.0.45 Full - 1File! | 7.13 MB.
With Power Screen Capture, you can capture screen from your desktop with high quality. Besides, it offers you the function of capturing video and image from other devices, DV and TV tuner. A list displays all the files captured by Power Screen Capture, and then you can view, copy, delete and rename these files freely and easily! Various settings let you set video compression codec, audio compression codec, output frame size and frame rate. You can also set properties of each capture device, preview and record real-time video, watch TV (TV Tuner is installed), add water mark or texts on video or image, etc.

What's New

• Start up or stop capturing video automatically by dynamic monitoring computer voice.
• Show computer sound decibel schedule bar.
• Show decibel alarm line in sound sensitivity.
• Set time to startup alarm mode.
• Enumerate formats of inputting sound.
• Adjustable volume of input level.
• Set balance of both channels.
- 2009.4.28

Main Functions:
Capture screen from your desktop.
Capture video and image from connected devices

Features List:
• Capture screen from your desktop.
• Capture video and image from DV, TV Tuner and other devices.
• Preview and record real-time video.
• Record video and even sound (audio device connected).
• Browse or edit captured media files.
• Set hotkey to activate screen capturing instantly.
• Set properties of capture device.
• Set multiple video and audio encoder settings.
• Adjust output settings for high quality files.

Why choose Power Screen Capture?
User-friendly interface that is easy to control.
A simple tool designed for both professional and amateur.
Various settings provided to meet user's different needs.
Easy to install and uninstall.
The fast speed and high quality captured files beyond your imagination.
No spy, no virus, 100% safe!
30-day money back Guarantee.

Step by Step:
How to Capture Screen:
1. Open Power Screen Capture, click "Screen Capture" button on the main window.
2. Before capturing, click "Capture Settings" button to set desired settings for your capturing task.
3. Click "Start" button to capture video from your desktop.
4. Click "Short Frame" button to capture image from your desktop.
5. Click "Select Region" button to select the region you want to capture.

How to capture from DV:
1. Connect DV device to your computer.
2. Open Power Screen Capture, click "DV Capture" button on the main window.
3. Click "Device Settings" button to set proper settings such as video input size and video frame rate for input video device.
4. Set proper settings for your output file by clicking "Settings" button.
5. Before capturing, click "Capture Settings" button to adjust auto shot, overlay, audio settings volume and balance, etc.
6. After you confirm all settings, click "Start" button to capture video from DV Device.
7. Click "Short Frame" button to capture image from TV tuner.

Minimum System Requirements:
• Windows 2000/2003/XP or windows Vista
• RAM: 512 MB or higher
• Sound: Windows compatible sound card
• Internet connection to register
Homepage -


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